Who are We
Integrated Cold Chain Logistics Sdn. Bhd. (ICCL) was established over a decade ago and we are an intgrated total logistics company offering full supply chain management from temperature-controlled storage and logistic services to manufactures, processors, distributors, food service providers and retailers
Since our establishment in 2006, the name ICCL is synonymous and correlated to our people which possess enormous wealth of know-how and competency in the cold chain logistics industry. We are a part of the LTS Group of Companies based in Bukit Minyak, Penang with an extensive network and facilities.
To be the leading Cold Chain Logistics Service Provider of choice to a diversified range of customers by providing competitive customized value-added solutions in Malaysia and Regionally.
ICCL also aims to provide its customers a high level of commitment and impeccable service through sourcing of products for them and better invoicing according to their logistical and support need. This is being managed through computerized Warehouse Management System (WMS). We have purchased up-to-date machinery for cleaning and packing, imported software and computers to boost up our value added services.
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Our Mission


To focus on providing innovative, effective and efficient value added services.


To lead and be sustainable in the changing needs of the Cold Chain Industry.

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Logistics and Transportation services

"A good logistics company is to offers security, speed, online tracking, individualization and specialization of express services as well as an optional of swift delivery times."

- Kevin Lim

"What matters most is keeping your customers happy and making sure your bottom line makes sense."

- Mohd Heerman Haminnuddin

"Picking the right courier service company can make or break your business. The best courier service for your business is one which you can afford and delibers on time."

- Leong Kin Wah

"The best courier company for your business is one which can deliver to your customers on time at a cost that keeps your business sustainable"

- Tan Chun Guan